Shahada Gold Leaf - La ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah

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Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Cotton Canvas
Golf leaf is a metallic foil that catches light causing it to shine in the light. 
All Tahmina's Arts paintings are hand painted onto premium cotton canvases 

Made to order
Please contact for additional sizes. 
Sizes listed are for reference pricing
Prices based on standard edge stretched canvas.
For deep edge and additional size please contact us. 

Appox A5- 18x13cm £15
Approx A4- 30x24cm £35
Approx A3 - 40x30cm £70
Approx A2 - 60x40cm £110
Approx A1 - 80x60cm £200
Approx A0 - 100x80cm £320